The works in this new series celebrate and re-envision the possibilities that exist when you have a magic cape, lightsaber, or some superhuman power that changes everything. We’ve both loved toys, cartoons and action figures throughout our lives, so this place is right smack in our nostalgic wheelhouse. Star Wars, Wrestlemania, super-heroes, GI Joeoh yes, yes, yes!

We invite you to join us in walking that fun line between taking this stuff seriously and laughing your ass off. It makes sense to do so. These are action figures, after all. But they're also important to so many of us, at least in our memories. We love them because we essentially can never be like they are, and we all know that. But just for a moment, let's travel back to the time when you believed that you could!

get your pop art on!

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New Janis|Porto work on display at Context Art Miami.
November 29 through December 4, visit us at booth a29

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